The crucible anticipation guide

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and the Puritans. Administering the anticipation guide at this point will excite the students about their upcoming read.

Directions: A teacher will hand out the anticipation guide before the reading of The Crucible. The teacher will want to give explicit directions on the anticipation guide and what its purpose is. Anticipation/Reaction Guide Part I Directions: Prior to reading The Crucible, in the “Before” column, respond to each statement by putting a plus sign (+) if you agree with it, a minus sign (-) if you disagree, and a question mark (?) if you are unsure of your belief.

The Crucible Anticipation Guide. Carefully read and consider each of the following statements. Then mark whether you agree or disagree with each statement.

Agree Disagree Statement 1. Age does not matter in a relationship between a man and a woman. 2. “All is fair in love and war.” 3. Adultery is acceptable in today’s society.

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4. The Crucible Study Guide found in: Crucible, The - Teaching Unit, Crucible, The - Downloadable AP Teaching Unit, Crucible, The - AP Teaching Unit, Crucible, The - Anticipation Guide - Pre-Reading Activity, Crucible, The Prestwick House offers a variety of lessons and activities.

These programs enrich lesson plans and include complete course. Act 2 the crucible themes essay Research papers on search engine pdf size dissertation defense jokes question essay on memento movie scripts.

2 themes essay the crucible Act Practice essay questions. The crucible elizabeth proctor essay Suggested essay topics and study questions for Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

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The crucible anticipation guide
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